How to Be a Better Blogger Pt2

So, after reading our last post, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start a company blog. Great! Keep this in mind, though: blogging isn’t as easy as it may seem. To help you out, we’ve compiled three tips to…

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Is Pinterest the Right Place for Your Business?

One of the most overlooked social media channels for marketing is Pinterest. It might not fit into the standard mold of a social media platform (think Facebook) but can be just as important to your marketing strategy. Pinterest is the…

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Utilizing Video on Social Media

When you’re scrolling on social media, what grabs your attention? What makes you stop what you’re doing? What kind of content are you thinking about, even hours or days after originally seeing it? If you’re like most consumers, you’re thinking…

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Selective Color Effect

A Simple and Versatile Photoshop Tutorial

The “selective color effect” is a fast and simple Photoshop technique that is used regularly by both beginners and industry professionals. The desired result is an eye popping vibrant color contrasting with dark surroundings. Below are the easy steps to…

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Step Up Your Photography Game

How to Get Professional Photos with Your Smartphone

Photography services are expensive, and rightly so. You’re not just paying someone to take pictures, you’re paying for their high-quality camera, lighting equipment, lenses, and editing software. You’re also paying for the hours it’ll take them to edit and finesse…

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