Over-The-Top Video Marketing

A Modern Digital Spin on Broadcast Advertising

Digital marketing can be daunting for a small business and often comes with many new terms and platforms to learn. Over-the-top video (OTT) is a great starting point for those who are more comfortable with traditional broadcast media, but would…

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Our Favorite Free Web Tools for Marketing, Development, & Design

Whether you’re a working professional looking for a quick solution, a curious hobbyist, or a cash-strapped student, we all at times turn to the vast number of free tools available online. These free tools are often too good to be…

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Get The Full Instagram On Desktop

Circumventing A Mobile First Platform

Instagram from the beginning has been what’s referred to as a “Mobile First” platform. Meaning that the general goal for the structure is to assume that users are accessing the service via a mobile device, or to encourage them to…

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The Words We Use

How Our Terms Made It Into Design & Development

Dashboard The UI interface for many pieces of software including CMSs like WordPress are referred to as a “Dashboard”. Obviously the leap from car dashboards come to mind with its similar elements such as dials, gauges, and instrument panels. But…

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Selective Color Effect

A Simple and Versatile Photoshop Tutorial

The “selective color effect” is a fast and simple Photoshop technique that is used regularly by both beginners and industry professionals. The desired result is an eye popping vibrant color contrasting with dark surroundings. Below are the easy steps to…

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Best WooCommerce Plugins

Must Haves & Hidden Gems

Smart Coupons https://woocommerce.com/products/smart-coupons/ Price: $99.00/yr for single site This plugin adds to the existing coupon functions offered with WooCommerce’s base package. Allowing your online store to do more including. Store credit/gift cards Predesigned coupons Coupons rewarded by purchasing other products…

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The Powerhouse Disguised as a Blogging Platform 

One of the most painful things a web developer or project manager can hear from a client is the dreaded, “We don’t want a WordPress site, that’s for blogs.” And they hear it a lot. Unfortunately, WordPress’ humble roots and rise to…

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